About me

Greetings, friends.

Let me briefly tell you who I am and why all this cheese is bor. And then, you decide to stay here or you should look for other, more interesting places.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Andrey. By the sign of the horoscope I am a twin, and therefore in my life is full of different hobbies. Some go for a couple of days. Others stay for longer.

Back in 2011, I first got on a motorcycle. Then I just wanted to try a new hobby. And it seemed to me that it would quickly pass. But now, after a few years, I’m still in the saddle. Moreover, it is already difficult for me to imagine my life without a bike. So firmly the bike went into my life.

How long? I do not know. Time will tell.

I started with ebrika. Then there was the transalp. then xr250r. then I tried a small xr150 and now I own yamaha wr250r. Besides, I rode a couple of times on many others. And just sat on the big ones.

It is important to understand that I am not a pro athlete and not a coach. I did not have a world tour. Therefore, everything written is my and only my view on things and events. Which, by the way, may change over time. And there are such examples.

So in a nutshell about me.

And now let me tell you what this site is.

In short, two-wheeled notes are my view of the world. Actually I am a motorcyclist, that’s why two-wheeled notes are called.

And yes! I will be glad if you learn something new for yourself or just have fun while reading some notes.

And no! I will not be upset if you find a blog boring, boring and uninteresting. This happens.

In short, perhaps, everything.

But not only one blog will live site. I have a lot of ideas and project plans. Therefore, as they said in one program: “Do not switch!”

Good luck

P.S.: The main language of the site is Russian. But I turn to other languages.